After the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, crossing first the Anasso torrent and then the Attone, you arrive at the castle that, as a business card, preserves in the medieval ring a beautiful semi-cylindrical tower, full of charm.

The view of the tower reminds us of the siege that people from Todi put in 1273 to Gaglioli, considered the access door to Bevagna. According to Piergili, downstream there was the cult of Latona from which the torrent Attone, or Lattone, would take its name, whereas at the summit of the hill there would be the cult of Apollo.

The current Via Castello di Radione and Via Panoramica di Santa Potenza recall the past. Inside the village there is the fourteenth-century church of Santa Maria, today completely renovated. On the wall, to the left of the central altar, a chapel with frescoes of three saints appears: San Nicola from Tolentino between San Francesco and Beato Giacomo with the inscription this chapel de sancto nicola sie factta per voto del castello.

Nearby you can visit Gaglioletto. At the entrance of this village, now almost abandoned, a majesty representing Our Lady with the Child nicely shows itself.

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