Viticulture is a millenary tradition and vocation in the Montefalco area. Pliny the Elder recounts of a fine grape called “Itriola” grown in the surroundings of what is known as Bevagna today and some scholars think he could have been referring to the Sagrantino grape.

Actually, there is no confirmed theory about the origin of Sagrantino. Some say it is indigenous, obtained through the selection of local clones, but most believe it was imported by one of Saint Francis of Assisi’s disciples. Its name could be traced back to the Sacraments, from the latin word “sacer” and “sacramentum”, because the grape was cultivated by the friars to make a straw wine that was used in religious rites.

What is certain is that this part of Umbria was and still is devoted to the production of excellent wines.

Since 1896, our winery has been loyal to the tradition, seasonality and typicality of these products, while welcoming leading edge techniques and tools. Our philosophy is based on two fundamental principles: preserving the territory and satisfying our clients with the highest quality. That is why we use organic techniques in the cultivation and alternative energy sources in the production.

We would like to invite you to visit our winery to experience all of this firsthand and, of course, to taste our wide range of wine labels, some of which are part of a very limited production. While you are here, you may also try our outstanding extra virgin olive oil.

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