The city offers numerous events whose origins are lost in time:

Procession of the Dead Christ:

On Good Friday, it is one of the oldest religious re-enactments in Umbria.

Race of the Risen Christ

On Easter morning, the church of San Michele is filled with faithful who come to attend the Race, lived with intense emotional charge linked to popular religiosity.

Primavera Medievale

preview of Mercato delle Gaite. Between April and May, the Mercato delle Gaite Association has been organizing the Medieval Spring for years now: days of culture, art, history and gastronomy. A format of full success always welcomed with great enthusiasm. A rich program of events, which is divided into insights by the different Gaite, with interventions by medieval historians and experts, accompanied by performances, fun moments, a market and food and wine events.

Arte in tavola

food and wine itineraries and tastings of local food such as wine, olive oil, jams, Chianina meat, saffron, truffle, snails… (On May)

Banchetto Medievale

The Medieval Banquet, which a few days before the opening ceremony of the Mercato delle Gaite, has for some years been held in the Platea Comunis, the heart of the medieval city. Ancient dishes, aromas of spices and flowers, traditional medieval drinks and various delicacies will be served on the tables set up for the occasion. The evocative music, the dance and the magic of the fire are a stable part of the staging. At the banquet the number of the four Gaite, with their beautiful dresses, mayors and consuls, ladies and messengers, artisans and merchants, monks and friars.

Mercato delle Gaite

in the last ten days of June, from the penultimate Thursday to the last Sunday, Associazione Mercato delle Gaite organizes the manifestation that draws inspiration from the original division into four Gaite (or quarters) of Bevagna in the Middle Ages. Their name derives from the ancient churches: San Giorgio, San Giovanni, Santa Maria and San Pietro. It is the most important manifestation of tourism in the area and consists in re-proposing a cross-section of medieval life that begins with the investiture of the Chief magistrate and ends with the ancient crafts and the market of the products of the time. The country, very involved, recovers its traditions, its roots with a historical fidelity that makes valuable the reconstruction of the environments, of the streets, of moments of daily life, of economic-craft activities, such as the working of ropes, wrought iron, wicker, “bambagina” fine paper, silk and glass. Thanks to the passion and harmony of the event, Mercato delle Gaite is today one of the most appealing historical events in Umbria.


In Chartis Mevaniae

review of contemporary art whose objects are the works made on “bambagina” fine paper produced by Gualchiera Della Gaita San Giovanni. (On July)

ComiciakItalian comedy festival – by Mario Mattoli in our days

In memory of the well-known director Mario Mattoli, who in 1936 chose Bevagna as movie set for its “Musica in Piazza” (On August and September)

In honor of the Blessed Giacomo Bianconi the August in Bevagna is organized, now called

E-state a Bevagna, knowledge and flavors of the village

which includes a series of cultural, recreational and religious initiatives.

(From July to September)


Among the religious events we also remember the feast at the sanctuaries of the

Madonna Della Valle (1st May) 

Madonna delle Grazie (8th September).

Cena Solidale

in Piazza Filippo Silvestri

Theatre season of prose and Classical music concert season

at the Francesco Torti Municipal Theater.

(From November to April)

Christmas in Bevagna and in the Villages

with bingo game, the arrival of San Nicolò bringing gifts to children, concerts, the arrive of the Epiphany on 6th January, sweets and Christmas delicacies.




…such as: COUNTRY FESTIVAL and CANTINE APERTE at the end of May, FRANTOI APERTI and O-LIVE at the end of October, HAZELNUT FESTIVAL at the beginning of November, all creating the opportunity to tour the green hills, savouring different wines – including the beloved Sangrantino – New EVO Oil and the sweetness of our hazelnuts.


Pizza Festival

Capro Social Center

20-29 July

Borgo in festa 

Local Association of Torre del Colle

August 3-12

Snail Festival

Local Association of Cantalupo-Castelbuono

August 17-26

End of Summer Festival

Madonna delle Grazie Social Center

31 August – 9 September